Limudei Kodesh

All classes learn the same Chumash and the same Halacha. There will be a cycle for both these subjects so that during the four years of high school a student will cover all the necessary requirements.  

LEVELS: Most of our classes are taught in levels enabling the students to progress at a rates suitable to their abilities. 


Chumash Levels: Mikraos Gedolos needed for all grades. Recommended edition. HaMaor (clear print).

Level (Basic)
Students will learn certain inyonim, focusing on broad meaning, lessons for life, and basic skills. The lesson draws on original sources particularly midrashim to bring out relevant messages from the chumash.

Level  (Skills)
Class instruction will focus on an extensive study of selected inyonim, with the following emphasis.  Strengthen and consolidate Chumash and Rashi skills. (Question, answer and proof.) Meforshei Rashi: Sifsei Chachomim, Gur Aryeh, Mizrachi etc. Some other Meforshim to broaden view on topic. Chassidic interpretation.

Level 2 (Advanced)
Class instruction will focus on an extensive study of selected inyonim, with the following emphasis.

Analysis of Rashi and Meforshei Rashi as well as other Meforshim, Ramban, Seforno, Klei Yakar, Ohr Hachaim, Malbim. Comparasion of Meforshim, Independent preparation of Meforshim.


This year all grades will learn Hilchos Kashrus. The Halacha will be taught with a clear explanation of the sources, reasons, and even the differing opinions. Students will know the final Halacha as applied by the Poskim to present day situations.

פירוש התפילה (All grades) 

 "בשאלתו אם לחשוב דא"ח גם קודם התפילה, נכון הדבר וכהלכה פסוקה בשו"ע"

This class will prepare the students for davening as is befitting a Bas Chabad.  It will include in-depth discussions on a variety of topics, including explanation of the Tefillos, chassidishe stories, concepts from the Parshas Hashavua, discussions regarding the various ימיא דפגרא, as well as הלכות תפילה.


9th Grade -Melachim Beis
10-12th Grades - Trei Asar


Likutei Sichos (Basic)
In this level students familiarize themselves with the basic styles of the Sichos. There is less of an emphasis on text and more of a stress on the fundemental ideas.

Likutei Sichos (Skills)
In this level the talmidos are taught the skills to understand a Sicho. The textual understanding is stressed aside from the message and hoiroah.

Likutei Sichos (Advanced)
This course furthers the students’ ability to learn Likutei Sichos independently, broadens and deepens their understanding of being a Bas Chabad, and strives to illuminate the beauty inherent in a Chassidishe way of life.


"זכור ימות עולם בינו שנות דור ודור"

This course enhances the students’ proficiency of all Jewish historical events; thus, enabling students to view world events through a Torah perspective, and be inspired by the example of our past.  This four year course includes an in depth study of Jewish History bridging from Bayis Sheini to current times.

9th  & 10th: Students study the Tekufas Amoraim and Tekufas Hagaonim and start the Tekufas HoRishonim. T

11th and 12th: Cover in depth the events preceeding the Spanish expulsion. In the second semester they will cover the explosive growth of Torah learning in Eretz Yisroel, Turkey & Greece, and in Eastern Europe, leading up to the period beginning with Chassidus.


Tanya (Non Textual Level)
This level presents the foundations of Chassidic thought without using any actual texts.

Tanya: (Two levels depending on which Perakim students have already studied.)

The academic goal of the teaching Tanya , the "תורה שבכתב"  of Chassidus, is to cover with basic Peshat all of  the first chelek (Likutei Amorim) within the four years of High School. The chassidishe goal is to further students’ understanding of Chabad Chassidus by illuminating the in-depth connection between lessons in Tanya and reaching closeness with Hashem, and by teaching Tanya’s practical applications of character refinement.  The course will include an extensive introduction to לימוד החסידות.