MBCM is dedicated to presenting a challenging curriculum both in Limudei Kodesh and in Secular studies. The subjects studied are not only used to impart intellectual knowledge, but rather to inspire and teach lessons which will apply to day to day living. Academically we will concentrate on enabling the Talmidos to learn independently and to think critically.

Students at MBCM can be assured with a sense of confidence, a passion for learning, and a devotion to excellence that they carry with them always.




The Rebbe’s view on limud Torah for women is well known. The Rebbe empowered women by encouraging them to learn in-depth the parts of Torah  (most of Torah) which are relevant to them, and to go out and teach others. At the same time the Rebbe stressed the role of the Akeres Habayis. The program at MBCM is guided by these horaos of the Rebbe.

Our  Limudei Kodesh curriculum consists of Chumash with Mefarshim, Chassidus-Tanya, Maamorim and Sichos, Nach, Toldos Am Yisroel, Torah SheBaal Peh, Halacha, and Safa. 
In Chassidus we learn Likutei Amorim and Shaar Hayichud, approximately twenty maamorim, aside from many Sichos. In Halacha we will cover Hilchos Shabbos (2 years), Hilchos Kashrus, Hilchos Birchos Hanehenin, Hilchos Tznius Veyichud, Hilchos Bein Adam Lacheveiro, and the Halochos of Yom Tov. Toldos Am Yisroel covers Jewish History from Churban Bayis Rishon to the present day. In both Chumash and Nach the girls are taught to learn and understand the text with the Mefarshei Hamikro.

Please click here for a detailed description of the Limudei Kodesh curriculum.


MBCM’s Secular Studies program covers English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Computing and Accounting, Art and Design. Our program follows New York State (Board of Regents) guidelines and graduates will receive a recognized high school diploma.

MBCM has instituted a graduated system of learning in secular studies. We have a spectrum of Math classes ranging from basic arithmetic to an AP track culminating with Calculus. Our English program will provide the basic skills for students with a weak background while allowing advanced students to be challenged and to excel. Social studies and science are also structured in this way.

Please click here for a detailed description of the Secular Studies curriculum.