Meet Our Faculty



Rabbi Kagan, born and educated in the UK,  left a distinguished career in Academia to devote himself to Jewish education. For the last 17 years he has been involved in the creation and administration of various educational institutions, including a fully accredited college and an excellent high school for girls.
Rabbi Kagan teaches Halacha, Jewish History, and L’Havdil Math and Science. Recently he authored the highly acclaimed JLI course, “Flashbacks in History”, which was based on the course he gives in High School. Rabbi Kagan says, “ I enjoy teaching Halacha and Divrei Yemei Yisroel because they bear directly on a student’s practical day to day life and their perception of Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit.
Rabbi Kagan also teaches Math and Science stressing a deep understanding of the underlying principles.



Mrs. Chana Gray - PRINCIPAL 
As a newcomer to Monsey, Mrs. Gray brings with her a wealth of experience from over 30 years as a teacher and administrator. She is also a mother and a grandmother ky"h and she considers that her most valuable experience. She believes developing healthy self-esteem in girls as well as encouraging each student to excel to their potential.

Mrs. Touger was educated in Detroit's Beis Chaya Mushka School, Tzfat Beis Chana Seminary - Israeli Program, and took many additional courses in education at MJI. She has taught for many years at the high school level in Detroit and in NY. Mrs. Touger is  particularly creative in crafting curriculum which simplify difficult subjects and make them available for those students who have difficulty in grasping them. She consistantly gained the respect of her students as a teacher who is passionately devoted to all Talmidos.


Educated in Los Angeles and Eretz Yisroel (Seminary), Mrs. Piekarsky is a beloved exciting teacher and role model for her talmidos.
In her own words: “My primary goal in Chumash class is to enhance the girls’ ability in learning Chumash with mefarshim independently. I also encourage the development of critical thinking skills, and develop analytical learning of the Meforshei Hamikroh.
Shaas Chinuch class is an opportune time to impart Chassidishe and Yiddishe perspectives on relevant topics. It is also gives an opportunity to the students to express their thoughts and feelings in a free flowing discussion.
Mrs. Piekarsky is also the Mechaneches for the 12 grade..

Mrs. Wagner is a graduate of LGHS Chicago and Beis Chana seminary in Tzfat. For the past eight years she has applied her knowledge and unique teaching abilities in various Chabad High schools including LGHS,Chicago, Bais Rivkah Crown Heights and BCM Morristown.
Mrs. Wagner’s classes in Tanya and Sichos challenge the students and encourage and develop analytical thinking. Her teaching style is structured, using teaching aids and charts to help the students gain skills in textual learning and independent study. She transmits a love of learning, and focuses on building the students’ individual strengths.
“ The goal of my class is not only to teach the girls how to learn, but to help them find meaning and relevance in the subjects we study.” 
Mrs. Wagner serves as the 9th grade Mechaneches. 


Beloved teacher, for her effort and creativity in bringing her lessons to life. Mrs. Fine will teach   , Novi to the tenth and eleventh grade. In addition she will also teach Global History to the ninth and tenth grades. 

Mrs. Levine studied in top seminaries and institutions of higher education. She teaches Chumash and is known for her broad perspective and knowledge of Tanach.



Mrs. Rivkie Ives 
Mrs Ives is a passionate teacher believing it is her job to facilitate independent learning within her pupils. She has 22 years of teaching experience in the United States and Britain, covering all ages. In the last fourteen years, she has taught a range of Kodesh subjects, but also British history and geography, at Lubavitch Senior Girls School in London and now Kodesh in Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka where she also serves as the English Principal. In addition to teaching, she has keen interest in the inclusion of students with special educational needs having headed the special needs department as a Special Needs Coordinator in London collaborating with outside agencies, teachers and parents to provide the appropriate education and services for children with special educational needs. Over the last five years, she has conducted multiple training events on bullying and social exclusion for teachers and youth workers, creating an awareness of the dynamics of groups and how they impact the social lives of our pupils.

Mrs Ives was educated in Bais Rivkah in New York, attending seminary in both Ohel Chana, Melbourne as well as Bais Rivkah Seminary, New York. She has a BA Hons in Education from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom and a Master’s National Award  for the Coordination of Special Educational Needs (NASENCo) from Middlesex University in England.

Teaching the Hebrew Language or even English Literature is a difficult and complex endeavor. Mrs. Engel requires her students to verbalize and pen their thoughts, as well as studying literature using in-depth analyses. She is a veteran teacher with over thirty years experience. Mrs. Engel uses cooperative learning, with no one falling through the cracks.. Motivation stems from the fact that more than one interpretation is correct, thus deepening the students’ appreciation to delve into the underling meaning of literature. With time limitations, teaching ‘writing’ is challenging. Guidance, practicing agreed upon rules, rewriting and revising, all play an important part in creating a well organized essay. In-class experimentation with extemporaneous ‘orals’ are a regular part of this integrated subject.

9th grade advanced level Integrated Algebra 1 and 11th and 12th grade Algebra 2 and Trigonometry.

Mrs. Fine teaches 9th and 10th grade Global Studies. 

Mrs. Greenberg is a well-qualified teacher with many years of experience who was formerly was the principal and co-founder of Morristown Beis Chaya Mushka. Mrs. Greenberg teaches Global Studies (2 levels) and one level of English. Her classes are known for the creative presentation of the material.
Mrs. Greenberg also serves as 12th grade advisor for the graduation trip and year book and is the much beloved drama coach/ director for the annual MBCM school production.

10th grade Geometry.

Rabbi Kagan teaches 12th grade AP Calculus.