Student Life - Beyond the Classroom

“...שצריכים להיות באופן של "ונפלינו אני ועמך", היינו שכל תלמיד ותלמיד בעת לכתו ברחוב צריך להיות ניכר עליו שהוא שונה ("עפעס אנדערש") מהעולם"
“We have to be in a way of “We stand out, I and Your people”, that is that when every student walks in the street it is recognizable that he is different from the world.”

From the school’s inception we realized that learning goes beyond the classroom. At MBCM we promote a lively chassidishe ruach by arranging numerous extra-curricular activities; from a strong chessed program in conjunction with the local mosdos, to farbrengens, mivtzoim, Tanya Baal Peh, Production, and shabbatonim. We partner with local Shluchim to develop leadership skills and hands-on experience of Shlichus.