Dr. Gertrude M. Webb

Dr._Gertrude_M._Webb_Pic.jpgDr. Gertrude M Webb, of blessed memory, passed away on 16 Av 5773 (August 4, 2012) at 96 years young. Everyone who knew her recognized her primary character trait as her ability to focus on the positive rather than the negative. She brought her positive attitude into everything she did and to everyone she encountered. When something struck her as not right, she quietly set about improving it. She often quoted Eleanor Roosevelt: “I’d rather light candles than curse the darkness”.

Mother of seven, Dr. Webb, was a dedicated teacher, and professor emeritus at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, where she created the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL). Along with her husband, Atty. J. Chester Webb, of blessed memory, she worked on Chapter 766, the state law that guarantees educational programs geared to special needs residents of Massachusetts.

As described in her Boston Globe obituary, “Dr. Webb believed all students could be successful as long as they were provided the proper tools.” She founded the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia after she retired, and actively consulted and mentored many.

In Monsey, we are fortunate to have a Jewish girls’ high school, Monsey Bais Chaya Mushka (MBCM), which promotes many of Dr. Webb's positive educational values.

When approached for a contribution to MBCM, Mr Tvzi (Hank) Webb, Dr. Webb's son and resident of Monsey, had the idea to pay tribute to his mother on a larger scale. He therefore established “The Dr. Gertrude M. Webb Scholarship Fund”, with the goal of ensuring that no deserving student is turned away from MBCM High School due to lack of resources. A tribute he felt fitting to his mother, a passionate and dedicated educator. 

Please join Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi and Chaya Webb as they are honored with the Avodas  Hakodesh (Community Service) Award at an inspiring evening Sunday December 30, 2012 at the Regency Banquet and Conference Center at the MBCM's 5th Annual Dinner, 

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