Payment schedule & obligations

General info


  • Application fee of $100 will be collected at the interview.

  • Registration fee is $200 (usually collected in the summer months in preparation for next school year).

  • Full Tuition fee is $16,000.00 (tuition assistance forms are available upon request).

  • Other fees: (these fees are applied when they occur)
    $250 fundraising fee (in case of a fundraising dinner parents are obligated to pay for the annual dinner the discounted price of $250.00 per couple, regardless of whether or not they attend). 
    $100 Shabbaton fee 

  • Generally tuition is paid in 10 monthly payments due on the 15th day of each month beginning August 15th (if you need an adjustments to the schedule please email [email protected]) .

  • No refunds or credits will be made due to absenteeism or withdrawals during the school year.

  • Any bounced check will incur a fee of $20.