Payment Schedule & Obligations

  1. Application Fee is due upon submitting the application.

  2. Tuition fees which include:

    1) Tuition

    2) Building found

    3) Book fee

    4) Extra-curricular activity fee

    5) Dinner fee (see below no. 5)

    6) Chessed dollar (see below no. 6)

    are paid in 10 monthly payments due on the first working day of each month beginning August 1st.

  3. No refunds or credits will be made due to absenteeism or withdrawals during the school year.

  4. Any bounced check will incur a fee of $20.

  5. Parents are obligated to pay for the annual dinner the discounted price of $250.00 per couple, regardless of whether or not they attend.

  6. Parents are obligated to participate in our Chessed Dollar program to spend at least $7,500 a year. Or if they do not wish to participate they are obligated to compensate the school $375 for its loss. (5% of 7,500)

  7. A discount of 3% is given for those who pay the full years’ tuition on or before August 1st.