Buy MBCM Dollars

Give tzedakah without spending extra money! Zeh Neheneh Vzeh Lo Choser! 

All Fresh, Evergreen, Rockland Kosher accept MBCM Dollars!

As you are shopping anyway this will help MBCM at no extra cost to you.

Please fill in the order form below and submit to rabbikagan@monseybcm or  [email protected], the school office or to Rabbi Touger or Rabbi Kagan in person.
Thank you 

There are three ways you can order “Mbcm dollars”:

1) Send a check to school office (fill in the form) ;

2) Buy the dollars through PayPal (press the paypal button, please note there is a charge of %2.5 tax (processing fee));  

3) Buy the Dollars through Credit Card (press the CC Button, please note there is a charge of %2.5 tax (processing fee));


OR Use our ACC# 634-7400. (Available at any food store in Monsey (except Evergreen at present), JUST NOTE - if you will use the delivery services, please make sure that the delivery will go to your home not to school.)