The application process

The application process



Application process for school 5778 is OPEN


How to Apply

Step 1:
Application Form:
Complete and submit the online Application form.

Application Fee:
Once all the parental information is filled in, you will need to submit a $100 application fee.

PLEASE NOTE: a late application fee of an extra $50 will be
necessary for those applying after April 1st.

Those who are not applying from Cheder Chabad Monsey, or Cheder Lubavitch Morristown will be required to fill in additional information in the Out of Town form (after submitting the application form, follow the instructions).

Step 2:
School Visit and Interview.
Once the office receives the online forms and fee, you will be contacted via email (from school office) to schedule an interview.
An interview generally takes twenty minutes. Parents do not need be present (however, in years that we don't have a formal open house) you may use this opportunity to come to school and discuss or ask any questions regarding high school to the Hanhala.


Step 3:
Rolling Acceptance: Decisions regarding acceptance status are generally sent out within a few weeks of the interview.

Please note: Acceptance of all eighth grade applicants is dependent on completion of all elementary school requirements.

VERY IMPORTANT: The acceptance letter will be sent together with a number of important attached forms that are mandatory to be filled out.

Step 4:
Acceptance does not guarantee you a entree to school. Once you have been accepted by the school, and the additional forms have been submitted you will be able to REGISTER your daughter to be listed as a student in Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka for the upcoming school year.
Return the Registration form, along with a $250.00 (see below) registration deposit
. The Registration deposit is non-refundable.

Applications before 4/01/17- $100, after 4/01/17- $150
Registration before 00/00/17- $200, after 00/00/17-$400

In addition to this, all prospective students will be required to take a skills assessment exam in Chumash and l'havdil Math.
The tests do not require any studying, they are completely based on skills which will help us assess that a student is up to par with minimal high school level as well as to which track to place students if necessary.
Tests will be administered either via the elementary school (Cheder Monsey and Morristown), or at the time of interview.

Please note: Each application will be reviewed as soon as the admissions process is complete. Applications are considered individually by the Admissions Committee and according to available vacancies. Applicants will be notified of their status soon after completion of all admissions procedures. Students are considered for admission based on evidence of the applicant's desire and potential for success in a Chabad Chassidishe dual Judaic/secular studies program.